Name: Ben Davidson
Occupation: Carpenter
Location: Canberra/South Coast
I first picked up a rod from the age of 6. I grew up in the Sutherland Shire and fished with my family on our boat for the bread n butter species. Since then I have been on a few wild Bass and Cod trips where I have grown to love fishing for natives. Moving from Sydney to Canberra was a great move for me - I was able to gain a lot of fishing knowledge for one of my much loved species MURRAY COD!!! Blessed with beautiful rivers and lakes here I can target cod, yellas, redfin, trout, and a short drive to the coast to catch some Bream and Bass and EP's.
Having a very competitive nature I felt I was ready to try my luck in the ABT Daiwa Hobie Bass Series 2013. I am currently sitting in 3rd place in the AOY rankings and have sealed my spot in the grand final, scheduled for November 2013 in Toonmbar.  To date, I have managed some good results including 3rd place at St Clair. I'm also trying my luck at the Bream rounds this year as well.
Favourite Locations: Tallowa Dam, Brogo Dam, Danjerra Dam, St Georges Basin, Clyde River, Lake Eucumbene

 Favourite Lure: Cracker jack, 48 bloody tiger prawn/green tiger prawn
                             Red Rag, MA Canabun
                             Greedyguts,  66/77mm, Natural Brown
                             Fish Arrow, best vibe Ghost gill/silver ayu


Tournament Results

Tournament Results:
ABT Daiwa Hobie Bass Series 3rd