Air Bag Frog 2 inch

Sure to be a favourite of skinny water bass anglers everywhere, the Air Bag Frog comes in a 2inch size and in 5 colours.

The Hollow Body allows for the Air Bag Frog to float as well as for easier hook penetration on the strike.




Product Code -airbag2inch

Length - 2 inch
pack - 6 per pack

Colour Chart

Tips on using Air Frogs

Team Member Benny Coombes has had great succes with these soft plastics and explains below how he rigs and works them

"i rig them with a small weedless hook ( size 4 ) and tie with a loop knot. The loop knot allow the plastic some freedom and you can actually get it to twitch side to side. i like to give it small twitches which really gives the legs a nice action whilst radiating distress rings across the surface. It is an epic topwater soft plastic that can be skip cast deep under overhangs and heavy structure "