Name: Adrian Armanto
I was probably 5 years old when the first time I fish with my dad before. I am probably the only one that has real passion for fishing in my family. Even though my dad used to fish when he was young and took me with him he is not that addicted to fishing as I am. I grew up in Pontianak, West Borneo, Indonesia.

In my hometown, I could say we have the best freshwater species to be caught in Indonesia. Some of the species that we have includes all species of snakehead family, arowana, wallago leeri catfish that inhabit black water and for the Clearwater rapids we have masher and jungle perch. Those species live in hard areas to fish such as heavy covers lakes, narrow rivers, and some with treacherous rapids etc. This type fishing shapes my fishing style because I really need agility and accuracy to target those species which is resulted in me as a big fan of bait caster equipment.

I came to Melbourne, Australia about 4 years ago to accomplish my Degree and I am doing master at the moment. As in effect of my fishing style from where I came from, I use prefer to use finesse bait caster to chase freshwater species in Australia such as trouts, perch, Murray cod, Australian bass, and Yellow Belly. As I stay in Australia, I learn a particular interesting casting technique which is using soft plastic. Soft plastic fishing is very effective if an angler how to apply them according to the target species and conditions.

I applied this technique at the local casting competition in 2011 from an island and won it with a 3 kg Giant Trevally caught on soft plastic when other anglers were more familiar with hard body lures at time in Indonesia. I am always willing to learn new techniques from other anglers and keen to experiment with different methods to target fish which is makes it more challenging and fun.

I am very pleased to be field staff for Searing Tackle particularly for Pontoon 21 products that already has excellent reputation between anglers.  I hope that I could bring positive effects and contribution to the team. I am frequently fish overseas when I am on my semester breaks that also enable me to catch exotic species besides the wonderful Australian species that we have in here. I strongly recommend visiting Searing tackle for fishing needs whether hard body lures and soft plastic products.  Keep the line tight guys !


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