Name: Stuart Kenny

Location: Camden, NSW

Occupation: Fishing Retail

Fishing has been with me for life, there’s not a time period in my mind where I haven’t been anything short of obsessed. The true obsession really began on family camping trips where I would spend my time casting around cicada imitations for bass in small streams, managing my first around the age of 12. The hunger grew through out my teens, moving to singleton for 2 years and frequenting Lake St Clair I developed a soft spot for our bronze battler spending hours upon hours watching and reading everything I could about the species and then by the weekends travelling up to the lake to try and replicate what I had learnt.

 Moving to Sydney in the final years of school saw me develop my skills on numerous salt water species while still frequenting the Bass dams and once a year trying my hand at Impoundment Barra (there’s a whole different addiction all together). Finishing school, getting my own car and Kayak only had me fishing more and more, summer for Bass in the rivers and winter taking the paddle power to the impoundments.

More recently I have discovered numerous other passions in the fishing world, starting a blog lead to writing for Cast Mag, something I really enjoy doing. Trying to help other anglers better themselves with things I would have loved learning to fish and still do love now I’ve developed a little more (the learning is endless). My latest venture is YouTube where I have begun a channel where I have started to frequently document my adventures and tips and tricks I have learnt throughout the day as I put together the endless fishing puzzle.

Throughout the years I have also been fortunate to fish overseas on a few occasions visiting NZ for trout, Sweden for perch and finally the USA where I have learnt to love a host of other species not just our own, including the tackle industry power house the Large Mouth Bass. 

Future ambitions: I would love to get back into some competition angling for Bass but for now my goals are simple and that’s to develop my YouTube Channel (The Hunt For Bronze) and continue writing articles for Cast Mag.

Favourite fishing locations:

Lake St Clair, for this is where the love for Bass developed and always brings back good memories. Monduran Dam, yearly trips with Dad chasing Barra  and casting through those trees were always a wild time! Lastly Tampa Bay, Florida, being able to chase Snook and Redfish in 1 foot of water by morning and Largemouth Bass in lakes by the afternoon it is fishing paradise.

Favourite Lures:
I think the P21 Greedy Guts has to be one of my all time favourite lures, I have caught everything from Bass, Bream, Barra and even Largemouth on them and have resulted in some solid fish in trying conditions.
P21 Red Rag and Loco Perrito also deserve special mentions, these lures have caught quite a few fish over the years!



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