Name: Jason Lambert
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Occupation: Marine Navigation Technical Support/ Sales

Favorite Lures: Crack Jack 38SP-DR, Crack Jack 48SP-SR all in Bleeding Tiger and Green Tiger

I started fishing when I was young like everyone else using bait to catch the fish, but then found the world of lure fishing. My catch rate increased and I found that fishing with lures was more rewarding and fun.
I now travel all across NSW to fish in ABT and SSBS kayak competitions and love the competition and comrardery you get with the fellow anglers. I love to teach and help other people with their fishing and am a active member on KFDU and AKFF.
Since doing comps I have been using Pontoon 21 Crack Jacks and other Damiki products and have seen me qualify for the grand final and continue my good tournament results.

Tournament Results

Tournament results:
ABT Forster 6th 2011
SSBS Clyde River 4th 2011
SSBS Shoalhaven 4th 2011
SSBS Grand final 3rd 2011
SSBS Clyde River 3rd 2012
ABT/SSBS St Georges Basin 3rd 2012
Qualified for ABT Grand Final at St Georges Basin Round 2012



SSBS Sydney 4th place and big bream



Hobie Worlds Report 2012

The Australian team met at Sydney Airport for the 15hr flight.  This is the world’s longest nonstop flight. After we arrived in Texas we spent a day recovering from jet lag. The next day we decided to head to the big tackle hunting store called Cabelas.


This store is like a Bunning’s but 10 times bigger. It had a mountain with a water fall with lots of stuffed animals on the hill. There was a aquarium with all sorts of fish as well as the biggest gun section I have ever seen. Everyone went nuts with the fishing gear and there poor wallet was hurting after that. The next day there was still people still arriving from across the globe. So we decided to get a guide for the day and do some prefish of our own. We made our way to Lake Travis where we were met with 4 other bass boats to take us all out. My guide was tournament pro and past on all the knowledge he had to help us get our first Big Mouth bass. I was casting a Pontoon 21 surface lure and as I was dancing it on the surface the lure got smacked. The lure went flying and missed the fish. I then tied on a Greedy gut deep diving lure and started to work the edges as I was doing the fast retrieve I hooked and landed my first bass. The best story came from our boat where Josh hooked a 2lb fish and is it got to the surface there was a big splash and a 4lb bass wanted the lure more and knocked the 2lb off the line and hooked the 4lb instead.

That night we met at Austin Kayak for our first meeting together where we got our shirts and lots of goodies to use on the bass.

The next morning we were off to our first location lake Bastrop where we were paired up with 2 other USA guys to help us out with catching these fish. As we took off so did our team mates so we had to manage on our own. I tried lots of different technique that we were not familiar with back in Aus like drop shotting, Texas rig, Alabama rigs, Carolina rigs ect. This was getting confusing so stuck with what I know that was surface, Texas rigged with a weedless hook and hard body cranking. I managed to find some fish during the day but was having trouble keeping the hook in the fish mouth. The bass wouldn’t hit the soft plastics hard you would feel a bump and then weight at this time you have to lift the rod up hard and fast as you can to set the hook or the fish will just spit the hook when it launch’s from the water.
Day One of comp at Lake Bastrop I made my way to the shallow flats and started casting a surface lure with no luck so changed to the reliable worm. This produced a number of fish but none were legal. The legal length for the competition was 14 inches. I worked my way around a point where I managed to get one legal fish 16inch.
Day 2 and was a location change to Fayette Reservoir. This was a lot bigger lake and was told a lot bigger bass live here.
i set off and made my way to the other side of the lake as my guide suggested that is a good spot. I found a location near the power station where I worked the rock edge and the deep holes with the Damiki Fluke (Armour shad) and worms. I landed my first fish of the day going 14 inches. As the wind picked up and the afternoon come I noticed lots of bugs hitting the surface of the water and bait fish were eating them I noticed that bass were chasing the bait fish so drifted along the wall working the worm until I was on for my second fish. 16 inch. As it was getting almost time to head back the bites got better and I was getting more fish I was very determined to get my third fish when I decided to cast one more time. I felt weight and line started to strip from the reel and then a big bass launched itself in the air and through my hook. I estimated it to be around 20 inches.
Day 3 I headed for the same location as yesterday as I knew there was fish there and started casting the greedy guts lure  when all of sudden my lure got smashed and took off I set the hooks and landed my first fish of the day at 16 inch. I worked the area some more with only a few smaller fish caught. I started to head back to find another location when I noticed a boat in the middle of nowhere and I peddled over to find out. As I got closer I noticed there was fish on the sounder and the water went from 20 ft to 10ft. I started working this ledge with worms and hard body’s when my worm got eaten and was on for my next fish a 15 inch bass. The wind picked up so made my way back to the rock wall where I was getting fish the day before. I cut across into deep water so I could drift with the wind when I noticed a patch of fish on the sounder. This was in 30 ft of water I turned the Hobie around and cast the worm as soon I started to move the worm it got eaten. i made sure I set the hook and line was ripping out of the reel. I managed to get the fish in and it was my biggest for the comp 19 inch.

I was glad that I finally got a bag and a big fish as well.
I ended in the top 30 and had so much fun going to another country catching fish I have never seen before and meeting lots of anglers from all over the world.
I would like to say a big thank you to my sponsor Pontoon 21, Damiki and Fish Arrow (Rob) for your support and advise and thanks to the sponsors of the worlds Hobie, Lowrance, Ram Mount, Ect.
 I am going to try very hard to qualify for the next worlds as they are so much fun. I heard a rumour that it could be in Japan, Singapore or England but I’m sure they will announce it soon enough.