My Dad was my fishing mentor.  At 2yrs old he would take me to local creeks to fish for Bream, Mullet and Eels. Our stomping grounds were around the East Corrimal (Wollongong NSW) area.   At 6yrs old he had me on the rocks at Bass Point and Kiama and at 10yrs I was climbing down to the front ledges of Jervis Bay.  Although renowned for its world famous LBG Fishing we would target Bream, Trevally, Drummer, Snapper, Luderick and occasionally Kingfish. 

Now days I mainly fish from a Kayak (Hobie Outback/Dagger Drifter) chasing the same type of species as mentioned above plus a few others.  Although a good scrub bash chasing Bass or Trout is in there as well.  I enjoy getting away from all the hustle and bustle of modern life.  Fishing to me is about escaping the crowds.  Getting to places that see very little human interaction really excites me.  If that involves hiking through dense bush, wading creeks, clambering over boulders or climbing down cliffs then the fish at the end of that are worth twice as much in my opinion.
I fish because I love it.  I’m not a competition fisho at the moment but may enter some in the future.  Being a shift worker with a young family and working 3 out of 4 weekends doesn’t leave a lot of time to enter competitions. In saying that, I have a deep respect to all those that devote their time and effort on the comp scene. One day we may face-off. 
In the last 4yrs I’ve had 2 bouts of Cancer.  It has been a tough time for my family and I but fishing has been a driving force for me to fight it.  Reading articles and watching shows kept the spark alive during recovery.  Since Cancer I live by the rule that you can always learn something from everyone so I don’t write off a theory or technique until I have tried it myself.  Some of my finest trips have been had when I’ve tried something new.  Like my first fish on a Soft Plastic or the first time I tried a Spinnerbait.  If I’d been told 15yrs ago that I‘d land Bream and Snapper on lures or Bass on a bent piece of wire with spinning blades and a rubber skirt I would have laughed.  There’s still a lot for me to learn despite 40+yrs of angling.

Favourite Fish: Bream
BUT…….Bream, Hardbodies and I have a love hate relationship.  I have hooked and landed Bream on them but at the same time my frustration levels have gone through the roof chasing the buggers.  But hey I’ll keep trying because as anglers that what we do.  If it was an easy sport to master what would be the point of continuing?

Favourite/Perfect Lure: Yet to find it but I’m hopeful Searing Tackle can be the one to, not only whoa me but, also get the fish to bite their heads off on those days where nothing else seems to work.
I look forward to a long and fruitful association with the Searing Tackle Brand and hope I can give back 10 times more than I receive from them.  I also hope to show the non-competition angler that the lures which seem daunting and a fad in the stores will work for you too.


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