Beta Shiner 91SP SR (Shallow Runner)

This shallow running  shad style lure provides plenty of flash to go with its erratic wobbling action. Each bait has an internal system of balance - Mag Force Balanced System. Two steel balls are displaced when casting in the "tail", increasing the flight range. With the start of the retrieve, they are fixed by a magnet in the design and location along with two additional fixed balls into the head and tail parts of the wobbler provide this lure with a truely unique action.


  • All models are equipped with hooks Owner
  • Mag Force Balanced System



Bet A Shiner 91Sp SR  Length: 91 mm,  weight:17.3 g,  Suspending (SP), depth: 0.2-0.4m

Product Code -betashiner91spsr

Bet a Shiner Colour Chart

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