Loco Perrito 65mm

The Loco Perrito is a 65mm topwater lure from Pontoon 21 that sits tail down when stationary. It performs the walk the dog action effortlessly and attracts a wide range of species ranging from Bream, Bass to Mangrove Jacks.

It's hidden secret is the original SCT – balancer system (Step Counter Type Balancer) , during retrieving the ball constantly moves from left to right inside the cylinder located in the head of lure, changing the position of lure's center of gravity as well as direction the lure turns and follows.

Thanks to the body design the water resistance is small, and Loco Perro moves free and turns easy creating bubble sounds in addition to the klicks the inside ball generates when touching the ends of inside metal cylinder.

Armed with super sharp 2x strong Owner hooks, the Loco Perrito is a must have this summer.

It comes in 6 colours, including our tournament winning Tiger Prawn Colours .

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Loco Perrito Tips for Bream

Loco Perrito..

So you want to get loco on some bream, this crazy puppy will do the job, and it will do it well. Coming in at 65mm, 9 grams, don’t let the size of this lure scare you away. With its SCT – balancer system (Step Counter Type Balancer) , and the bearing placed in the rear as a clicker, you have yourself a surface walker bream find out hard to say no to.

For me, I have one technique that I can’t get away from, I simply cast out to my desired location, be it flats, shallower snags, I then start my retrieve with a slow wind, with my rod tip pointed downwards and slightly of centre to where I’ve cast, with my index finger on the blank of the rod I simply start to impart a shaking motion into the tip of my rod… Well all wake up a bit rough some mornings on our expeditions, so it can take a few casts to get the motion flowing.
As I do this, it allows the walk of my lure to also behave on more of a pivot and bring into play the clicker, I feel the more I can get the clicker going, the more strikes I can entice by either mimicking a more distressed struggling prey, or by simply aggravating the fish into striking out of frustration.

During the retrieves, mix up the lengths you walk it for between pausing, sometimes a bream will tail it until it stops, then make their attack.
If you don’t connect the first time, give it a few clicks to see if the fish will return..

The Strike:
Nothing beats the moment of the first fish coming up an creating chaos on the surface trying to annihilate your hard work. From here on,  I let the quality of my rod blank do the work, keep it firm until it loads up, then get into the fight. Depending on the country your fishing is how quick you’ll need to react..

Sometimes I find I need to adjust my hook setups to suit the mood of the fish..
If there in that mood where they start sipping, nudging, giving it prods from underneath, you know, when you find yourself looking so hard at your lure thinking, was that even a boil, more times than not, a quick change over to some trailing assist hooks start putting fish on the ruler..

The other change I make for bream is the trebles, this lure was originally designed for the Bass, and as we do in Australia, we want to smack a bream on it.. I found for myself here in WA that when the bream are having a fair dinkum crack at it, size 10 owners are great, I`ve also used size 12 to good effect on the times they seem just a little of there loco best.

”A Prime example of a WA Black Bream getting dinkum”

Don’t forgot to take a pic of your prized capture on your loco, join the Pontoon21 facebook page and put yourself in the running for some freebies each month.

Article by WA Field Staff Corey House


Loco Perrito Tips for Bass

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