Field Staffer

Name: Darren Rama
Location: Gold Coast
Occupation: Student

Background: I have been fishing since I was a little guy but I started lure fishing when I was 13 and since then my love and passion for lure fishing has become stronger and will continue to grow the more I do it. i started learning the basics of lure fishing by going down to the local creek to harass the local bass population but as the weekends came id give myself a go at trying to target some saltwater species. from casting at submerged timber to casting towards peoples pontoons each type of fishing is just as exciting as you never know what can happen.As i continued fishing and learning different techniques i have brought myself into a obsession of bass and mangrove jack fishing.

Ambitions: In the next coming years I hope to complete a Bachelor of The Arts in Journalism & one day land a GT over 25kg

Favourite fishing areas: Growing up on the coast i learned to love fishing Hinze dam, Clear island waters. The Nerang & Coomera.

Favourite lures: My all time favourites would be the: Damiki Rambler, Damiki Short Strike spinnerbait, Pontoon 21 Crack Jacks, Pontoon 21 Arawuana's

Favourite species: Mangrove jack, Trevally, Bass



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Hervey Bay Trip


Hervey Bay Trip

My Hervey Bay Experience

As i have done majority of fishing in the estuaries and in small creeks and dams me and 2 of my mates thought it was about time we broaden our options and put our skills to the test and give ourselves a go at targeting offshore fish so with a few months of planning and a bit of research on the internet we decided to head out and try Hervey bay.


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