Name: Anthony Correnti
Occupation: Storeman/Driver
Location: Brisbane
About me:
My love of fishing started much like everyone else’s, spending time soaking a bait with my family, my very first fish was a Yellowfin Bream caught off the seaway rockwall at the Gold Coast on an Alvey surf rod and reel, way too big for me but I got the job done! My grandfather was the main influence on my piscatorial passion and we spent many hours at Redcliffe fishing off the old highway bridge catching whiting and bream on bloodworms as well as other species. As I got a little older I became interested in lure fishing and would buy a couple here and there with whatever pocket money I had, baitfishing however, was still the mainstay. Once I got my driver’s licence fishing took a back seat in favour of cars, and it stayed that way until about 5 or 6 years ago when a mate handed me a copy of Starlo and Bushy’s soft plastic dvd, that’s when things started to get expensive…
My introduction to the Searing Tackle range of products came a few years ago via the Damiki Armor Shad, this versatile all rounder led me to explore the other products in the Searing Tackle stable and I haven’t looked back.

A couple of years ago I purchased a kayak which has seen my fishing really take off and these days freshwater fishing is my absolute passion, I love nothing more than taking the kayak to a picturesque freshwater stream and chasing the iconic Australian Bass.

Tournaments and Future Ambitions:
So far I have fished a handful of kayak tournaments, three top ten finishes, my best being a 2nd place finish, along with a 2013 kayak bass grand final spot, this has motivated me to do more of it.
Moving forward I’d like to continue in the kayak tournament scene, fishing both the Bass and Bream comps, with consistent performances in both and grand final qualifications being the goals.
Favourite Lures:
Pontoon 21 Crackjack 48- Bleeding Tiger and Green Tiger
Damiki Napjaru- Green Goblin
Damiki Armor Shad 3”- Oxblood Red, Skin Blue and Moebi
Damiki Short Strike spinnerbait- Purple Shad and Brown Shad