NAME - Alan Britcliffe

Alan Britcliffe has always considered himself to be nothing more an amateur fisherman. Most of his experiences started, like so many of us before him, boating with dad and pop almost from the time he could walk, to his later years beach fishing with mates throughout the night in search of monster Jew. When it comes to modern day fishing external pressures such as employment, relationships, kids, and community activities are often seen to be getting in the way and our on water time is often seriously eroded.

In recent times the lure of kayak fishing has been too strong to ignore, and after being introduced to inflatable kayaks in late 2004, Alan concedes that the "Yak Fishing" bug has well and truly taken hold of his entire family, and they are a stronger unit today as a direct result of it.

FAVOURITE LURES - Armor Shad 5 inch in ream White , Fish Arrow Best Spinnerbait & DTSCO Crank in Green Goblin colour.


Tournament Results


Competition results
KFT 2010 Round 1 Gold Coast Series 4th Place
Round 3 Gold Coast Series 6th Place


Kayak Tips

  • Always wear an appropriate PFD (Personal Floatation Device)
  • Always check the weather and tides before launch
  • Carry waterproof communications equipment, viz mobile phone or marine radio
  • Ensure you have the appropriate licence (state regulations differ significantly)
  • Your equipment "Leash it or Lose it"
  • Advise a responsible person of your return time and launch point
  • Ensure you have approriate water for rehydration
  • Slip, Slop, Slap 50+
  • Practise righting an over turned yak, and get back on
  • Enhance your visability