Name: Nicolas Wilhelmi
Age: 22
Location: Mackay
Occupation: Qualified Painter

Backstory: Well, the story of how i got into fishing all started with my father back when we lived in Cairns. He was the skipper of a prawn trawler that worked from Cairns up to the Gulf of Carpentaria for over 20 years. While he was out at sea my mother and I stayed at home until one year mum decided that we'd join him out at sea for a season. So being out at sea at such a young age for that period of time definitely had a major influence on my love for the ocean and offshore species of fish. During the times dad was back on land we'd always go on camping trips up and down the coast from Karumba down as far as the Gold Coast, fishing was always involved on those trips wether we were catching bream and queenfish in the creeks, to whiting and mackerel off the beaches.

A few years passed, i grew older and we made the move to (what is in my opinion one of the best fishing destiations in QLD), Mackay. The fishing started off slow during school the old boy and i would go and chase barramundi in the pioneer river on small hardbodied lures. As the years passed on i eventually found a group of mates who i started fishing lures for sooty grunter and freshwater barramundi and jungle perch with, then slowly moving to the esturies chasing barred grunter and salmon, then moving to jig the offshore islands and shoals for cobia, fingermark, black jewfish, red emperor and nannygai and the inner reefs of the Great Barrier Reef looking for coral trout, redthroat and spangled emperor,  and the mighty GT to name a few.

Favourite fishing style: The styles of fishing that i love while out on the water would have to be slowpitch jigging closely followed by topwater. Mostly jigging because in my opinion anything that will eat a big popper or stickbait will eat a jig if correctly used. Aswell as that, slowpitch jigging is one of the most unpredictable ways ive fished, the amount of species that are landed during are countless, it seems that every drop of a jig brings up a new species. if you havent given slowpitch jigging a go, do yourself a favour and try it!

Favourite places to fish: Favourite places to fish? anywhere offshore to be honest. Wether its around the islands, shoals, shipwrecks, or the reef you bet it will be fished.

Favourite lures: Two of my favourite lures ive used while jigging would have to be the Damiki Tokkon jig for the quicker styles of jigging for spanish mackerel and GT's, and the Damiki Backdrop for slowpitch jigging for your bottom dweller species such as fingermark, black jewfish and coral trout.

Favourite species: Cobia, Fingermark, GT, Black Spot Tuskfish.

Goals: 80cm+ Coral trout, 35kg+ GT, Tripletail.

Boat: 5.8m Yamaha Southwind longboat.

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