Name: Denis Metzdorf
Location: Southside Brisbane
Occupation: Plumber/Drainer

Background: Like most anglers, I started at young age bait fishing with my family and friends. As the years progressed and I came of age to get my licence and some freedom, my fishing time escalated. I purchased my first boat in 2006 and fished the Jumpin Pin area targeting flathead, alternating between baits and lures. I have been hooked on lure fishing for two years and can’t get enough of it. Today I am right into kayak fishing, a Hobie outback for competitive and social fishing anywhere and everywhere and a Viking Ozzie for those skinny water Bass sessions.


Ambitions: In 2012 I hope to continue with all the Kayak tournaments and enter some of the non-boater ABT rounds, both as a non-boater and boater.
Favourite fishing areas: Anywhere basically, as long as there is a bit of structure and I can get a lure in there, it’s all good. Canals, rock walls, flats and weed beds, shallow reefs, bridge pylons etc are some of my preferences.
Favourite lures: Pontoon21 Crackjack 48 MR and SR, funa, the new tiger range
Damiki Armour shads 3 and 5inch, Moebi, skin blue and ox blood
Damiki GPS spinner baits       
Damiki Monster mikies, 2.5 and 4.5inch
Damiki Vaults, all sizes and colours
Favourite species: Yellow fin Bream, Australian Bass


Armor Shads in the Whitsundays


Tournament Results


KFT SC RND 1 2010 Bonus fish category winner
KFT SC RND 2 2010 13th
KFT SC RND 3 2010 8th
KFT GC RND 1 2011 10th
KFT GC RND 2 2011 12th
KFT GC RND 3 2011 15th
ABT Hobie RND 4 Tweed River, 7th
ABT Hobie RND 8 Forster, 19th
ABT Hobie RND 11 Clarence River, 2nd
ABT Hobie RND 13 Redcliffe QLD titles, 6th
ABT Hobie Grand final, Port Macquarie, 13th

ABT Hobie Rnd 2, Forsters, 1st



Denis Metzdorf wins Forster ABT comp

Rnd 11 Forster Super Series ABT kayak comp May 4th and 5th 2013

 My last Bream comp or Bream fishing in general was the 2012 ABT Hobie Bream grand final held at Bemm River in Victoria so it had been over six months since my last ‘fix’ and I was having some serious withdrawal symptoms. The day had finally arrived and the long nine hour drive south was underway as we discussed our ideas/ tactics for the comp. The prefish ban for this event had stretched to the Friday night so after a quick chat to the event organisers we decided on a short drive north to the Manning River, mainly to target some Flathead but to just release some excitement before Saturday morning and day one of the comp. We all caught plenty of fish including Bream, Flathead, Whitting and Luderick on an array of lures but the stand out for me was the Damiki DTSCO crank.


Day 1 had finally arrived. It had been two years since I last fished Forster, which was a comp I placed 19th at and after we fished Green Point in Wallace Lake for a lot of legal Bream so my destination was to be based around Wallace Lake. As I arrived at Godwin Island at the end of the Breck Channel and the entrance to the lake, I found some floating oyster racks which I had heard are a good place to start as they are always in the water as opposed to the fixed racks which are tide dependant. As I approached the first floating rack I noticed several Bream actively feeding on its edges so I put in a cast and slowly walked the surface lure past them and opened the account with a nice fat 28cm to the fork Bream followed by the next cast landing a 30cm to the fork with similar girth. At this stage the confidence was brimming. I continued fishing this small section of racks and noticed some large trays with about a foot of cover so I cast a Damiki Crank in Green Goblin over the tray which I slow rolled back and was instantly taken by a feisty 26cm fork Bream which took it under the trays but I managed to pull it out and into the well. The next hour and a half proved fruitless on the Bream front, but a half a dozen decent Flathead and 4 big elbow slaper Whiting kept a bend in the rod, however not being part of the our target species they really love the Damiki Cranks. I had to rethink and relocate to find my fourth fish to make a full bag so I moved into the pockets on the southern end of Godwin Island. Here I noticed a few Longtoms feeding on baitfish and stirring up the mud so I thought the Bream would have to be there as well and after a Longtom causing havoc on the crank I nailed a kicker fish going 36cm to the fork and again quite a healthy size. The time had come to return and weigh in, my bag went a respectable 2.68kg and secured 2nd place for day 1.

 Day 2 and after a reckless night we set off. Getting sent off second last was testing but not bad. Arriving back to my day one spot another competitor occupied the racks I started at and as I pedalled past he landed two legal Bream. Frustration levels were high but I persisted on. My morning was proving tough with already dropping five Bream one of which was pushing a kilo, and a cold snap and cooler water pushing in I decide to try the shallow water near the Lanis Holiday Island road boat ramp. Here the water was so shallow I had to keep the turbo fins up and paddle my way around occasionally getting stuck but the water was warmer so I opted for the surface lure. By this stage it was 0930, with long wind assisted casts I would walk the lure back without pausing and managed to get three strikes in a row which resulted in a 29cm forker, 30cm forker and a 28cm forker respectively, then they shut down just like on day one but the confidence was sky high so I continued. I made my way back to the pockets of Godwin Island and slow rolled the Damiki Cranks for a few half hearted strikes. Time was eluding me so I began the hour trip back to the weigh in occasionally stopping for a cast. On arrival at the Forster Tuncurry bridge I had a quick chat to a mate and decided on a few last casts at the bridge pylons with a shrimp style soft plastic, I had mentioned that I was dreaming and wasting my time when on the very last cast I felt a hit, struck and netted a tiddler Bream at 27cm to the tip and in the well to fill the bag. After a song and dance performance on the kayak I made my way in.

The final weigh in saw day one’s top ten weigh in at the end and I was made to weigh in very last. I needed 1.65kg to take out the comp, the weigh master said, ‘What do you reckon you’ve got Den?’ I smiled and said, ‘Reckon I’ve got it’, the bag went 2.04kg and secured my first win and my entry to the 2013 Grand Final to be held in Marlo Victoria in November.  Celebrations were had that night but an early night for an early start for the nine hour drive back to Brisbane was had.

Thanks to Hobie for another great comp and Searing Tackle for their continued support. My next comp will be held at Redcliffe in South East Queensland which is one of my absolute favorite Bream destinations, hopefully it will be as big as the Forster event with an equal if not bigger turn out.