NAME= Brad Smith (Smithy)

LOCATION= Gold Coast and Tweed Heads

OCCUPATION= Professional Fishing Guide  Brad Smith Charters Website

BACKGROUND= I was born and bred on the Gold Coast and started fishing with my Uncles and Grandfather when i was 6 years old. My love of fishing has never left me since that early age and has groomed me to follow a rich journey of progressive developments in the fishing industry. Some of the milestones that i have participated in are numerous radio, stage and television presentations as well as being one of the early pioneers of australian lure designs and techniques. I still get called upon to provide my services in these areas to this day but my real passion is running my estuary based charter business that focuses on catching as well as educating my clients on how to target a wide and very diverse array of fish species on lures. I am very proud and very fortunate to be a part of the Searing Tackle Team as the great range of lures that are on offer are one of the most important tools that i have on the boat. The lures allow me to target everything from bream and bass to jew and jacks as well as everything else that live in the rivers that have gills. This is a huge void to fill and i am amazed and excited every day that i am on the water to watch the fish coming in and the smiles on my clients faces.

AMBITIONS= To keep guiding and educating my clients for many years as well as experimenting with the existing and new range of lures that this company provides.                                                                                                                                                      

FAVOURITE LURES= Pontoon 21 crackjacks in the tiger colours. Greedy Guts in all colours for ( mangrove jacks). Damiki m-d-f Grubs in motor oil red, ox blood red and smoke red. Vault 42 in black gold holo and flash gill. Fish Arrow 2 and 3 inch in green pumkin silver and kosan'ayu gold