Name - Shendell Camilleri
Being of the fairer sex, I am perhaps not your typical tournament angler or even field staff member, however I am testament to the fact that tournaments are not just for the boys and it’s far from a blokes domain!

Fishing started late in life for me and it was my husband who introduced me to the sport. Fishing bait mostly; we targeted many of the bread n butter species local to our state. These included Australian Salmon, Snapper, Garfish, Whiting and Squid. Fishing artificials came much later in my angling career. To say that I thoroughly enjoy this style of fishing is an understatement. As well as the thrill of enticing a targeted species to engage an artificial offering and it accepting, there is the fact that there is no smelly bait to have to contend with at the end of the day. Yes, you blokes may scoff, but trust me your wives & girlfriends will understand.

With my husband, I fish the local, intrastate, & interstate estuaries & bays and I am a regular & ongoing competitor in the local Tournament scene where we are steadily moving up the leader board.

So what does the future entail? Well I hope to be a worthy inductee to the Pontoon 21/Searing Tackle team and with my husband continue on our way to hopefully one day take out an SABT (South Australian Bream Tournaments) event and perhaps become team of the year. Introducing & developing our children's love of the sport along the way.


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