Ripper 4 inch

The 4 inch Ripper comes 15pieces to a pack and has a shrimp scent.  It super slim profile combined with its soft texture and multiple ribs on the body make this a tantalising morsel for any predator in the area. It an be deadsticked as well as its long body will move with the current attracting nearby feeding fish.

This plastic is great for bream, bass, trout, snapper and other shallow water reef species. The colour 435 - Clear Motor Oil  is also UV reactive making it ideal for murky and deep water applications.

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Tips & Techniques

Scott Browns tips for using Rippers

The Damiki 4" ripper is an extremely life like worm style plastic that can be rigged many different ways to target a large range of species. 

The 4 most effective styles of rigging would be weedless, standard jig head, jig spinner & as a trailer on a spinnerbait.

Weedless - rigged on a worm style hook either weighted or unweighted it can be thrown in deep & worked enticingly through the snags to tempt bream, bass & estuary perch in some seriously  nasty country.

 Jig head - I find the addition of a stinger in the form of a #18 owner treble connected by a short length of 10-12pd fluorocarbon converts short strikers into hookups & doesn't seem to affect the presentation in any way. These can be fished with lighter weights down to 1/20th over flats & up to 1/8 or 1/6th for the deeper stuff. In my home waters of st George's basin a long steady jiggling draw then sink retrieve is absolutely deadly on all manner of species with my personal favourite colour being motor oil red.

Jig spinner- rigged on a jig head weight of between 1/8 & 1/4 depending on water depth & coupled with a bladed jig spinner such as the J- spin from fish arrow the ripper has proven to be a very effective lure in impoundments. It can be  fluttered down next to standing timber, bounced down rock walls or thrown into thick structure  due to it being relatively snag resistant.  Bass yellow belly & small cod have all taken a liking to this offering of late.  Try them when the reaction bite shuts down as it has a lot more subtlety compared to a lipless crank or spinnerbait.

Spinnerbait trailer - rippers make the perfect trailer for spinnerbaits such as the GPS from Damiki or Best spinnerbait from fish arrow. There pungent scent & long wriggling tail can help  convert followers into strikers. Used in similar scenarios to the jig spinner they are impoundment specials with the ability to handle larger cod along with the bass & yellas.

  The 4" ripper has always been my go to plastic weather it be in a tournament or just a social fish with the  family. It has scored me some good tournament results over the years including consecutive BETS wins at hawksbury in 2010  & 2011


Article compiled by Pro Staffer Scott Brown