Name Dylan Henness

My passion for fishing is owed entirely to my father, one of my first fishing trip as a child was to the Wellington River near Licola, where he gave me my first lure, a small Celta style spinner, which landed me a healthy brown trout, my first fish on a lure, and this is where it all began.

I grew up fishing around the Gippsland lakes and surrounding areas, I would either fish land based, in waders or out in my kayak chasing anything from bass, estuary perch, trout or bream. In my final year of high school, school nights were spent watching countless hours of the Australian Fishing Championship series, trying to pick up any hints or tips that could help me get on top of my game, and almost every weekend consisted of fishing, whether it be cruising the Gippsland Lakes or up in the freshest areas of the Gippsland rivers in search of hard fighting Australian Bass.

When I was old enough to get a job, I began work at 'The Fisherman's Hut', a small but very well stocked tackle shop in my home town. Every wall of the small building had been fully stocked with bream lures of every size, colour and shape I could possibly imagine. This opened me to a whole new world of fishing, in particular the tournament scene. A few months later I fished my first ABT Tournament, it was held at Gippsland lakes, and I was lucky enough to be paired with two very well seasoned boaters both days. On the second day of fishing, my boater had landed four fish to my one, so he handed me the lure he was using, a two and half inch Damiki Monster Miki in green pumpkin, which I threw on without a moments notice, and soon landed a solid 34 to the fork. This was my first experience of Damiki's products and since then I have not looked back.

At the beginning of 2013 I moved to Tasmania to start a four year Bachelor in Ocean Engineering at the Australian Maritime College Launceston. At first I was a bit precarious about leaving the pristine Victorian estuaries I had become so accustomed to, but Tasmania did not disappoint. As soon as I was settled in I began scouting around the local rivers and streams trying to find quality fish, I was soon to discover that the local bream population was pretty scarce. As I slowly started to venture further and further, to the East Coast lagoons to be exact, the bream started coming left, right and centre, and they were big! A small fish was around the 35 to the fork mark, where a big fish could be anywhere from 45+.

On my very first trip to the East Coast, completely unaware of the pulling power of these magnificently conditioned fish, I hooked up to my first Tassie bream, which came from throwing a Pontoon 21 Crackjack 48mm SR on the mud flats, the fight began with a blistering 20 meter run, and ended with my line stitched around half a dozen rocks. A few lost lures and leader upgrades later, I finally regained some dignity by landing a healthy 35cm Black Bream. All in all it was humbling experience, and since then I have been forced to upgrade almost all of my gear. I am now spending every weekend either somewhere on the East Coast or at one of the many rivers and creeks running from the Derwent chasing big, blue nosed bream.

The Damiki and Pontoon 21 range will always hold a spot in my tackle box no matter where I'm heading, they have given me nothing but great results and they will do the same for you!





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