Name: Tony Robertson
Location: Hobart, Tasmania
Occupation: Mechanical maintenance fitter.

Background: I was born in Tasmania and have lived here my whole life. In fact I couldn’t think of myself ever wanting to leave here as it truly is a wonderful place to live. We have clean pristine waterways for fishing and a lifestyle many would give anything to have.

My love for fishing started at a young age and I grew up fishing the local lakes and rivers every chance I had. The early days consisted of limited catches and me annoying all the older anglers for any tip I could get in the quest for catching a fish. I spend a lot of time helping others in trying to help them catch a fish as without the help of others I wouldn’t be the fisherman I am today.

Fishing has always been a big part of my life and as soon as I was old enough I bought my first boat. It was nothing flash, but it got me on the water. I kept this for a few years and then upgraded to a better one which I kept for many years. I have since upgraded again to one that is more suitable to the type of fishing I do now. Fishing did take the back seat for a while as I pursued other things, such as boxing and car racing. I raced a HQ Holden in the local Tasmanian Series for a few years, but quickly grew tired of the very expensive hobby I had undertaken and decided to get back into fishing which now is almost as expensive as the car racing was, but much more enjoyable.

I have worked at Cadburys as a fitter ever since I started my working life. I started as an apprentice and have been fortunate enough to be able to stay there ever since. Luckily for me this means my job, home and the Derwent River are all within fifteen minutes of each other.

As I have grown older my fishing has progressed as well. I used to spend a lot of time bait fishing and trolling for trout and on its day this worked, but now I have moved on to fishing soft plastics and hard bodies mostly. I grew up fishing for trout and this was my favourite form of fishing. I would go on trips fishing rivers or lakes even fishing through the night at times as I found that’s when the bigger fish moved about more freely. Twelve months ago I started Bream fishing as it was very similar to trout fishing. I had some mates that were into it and they convinced me to give it a go. So first time out I entered a comp with another mate who had never fished for them before either. We caught fish on the pre fish day and thought this is not so hard. We then fished for the next two days and never landed another one in that time. I then spent some time working things out and basically applied the techniques I had learnt trout fishing and applied it to the bream. Obviously they have different habits, but it was a matter of working out what bream like and using that. I was helped along the way by some good mates who fished for them who gave me some invaluable tips and can now catch them regularly.

I have fished a lot of competitions for trout over the years and this year I took on the challenge of the bream competitions here in Tasmania. They are well run and I had a great time fishing them. You meet some great people along the way as well. I did figure out quickly that I still have plenty to learn about bream fishing though. Now I have started the comps and chasing bream I love it and this has given me a whole new focus with my fishing. I still love my trout fishing and I now spend my time chasing big trout more so than the smaller ones.

I am involved in the New Norfolk Licensed Angling Association and have held the position of Vice President for the last three years. We are predominately a trout fishing club with a heavy focus on junior angling. We have a pond stocked with trout which we regularly hold fishing days on for the juniors providing tuition and the opportunity for them to catch some fish at the same time. We spend a lot of time focused on this as this is where the future lies with the young kids.

I have some goals which I would like to achieve with fishing and that’s what keeps me coming back. I love the challenge of trying to better my catch each time I go and taking on the fish in a one on one battle on their home turf. Fishing is a very tactical sport and that is why I enjoy it so much. I would like to catch a trout twenty pound. I know this sound’s like a very hard task, but I have tussled with a few fish this size and unfortunately they have won out each time. I know some good areas where they are so now I just have to keep persevering until I get on. I would also like to achieve some better results in the bream competitions. I have learnt a lot in the past twelve months and I hope to keep learning until my goals are achieved.


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