Maetel Jig
Available in 3 sizes, 21, 35 and 42 gram sizes and in 3 colours , the Maetel Alloy jig is neither a metal jig nor a spoon ..

 with a "Specific gravity is lighter" than lead, and characteristic asymmetric body shapes are peculiarities such as "Tricky Swim", Hirahira "Slow Fall" which can not be imitated by other metal lures, "Irregular Dirt" at Twitch and Jerk will create action!

In addition, at high speed retrieve by lifting the rod at the same time as landing, a skipping panic action likea top water plug is easily created.
Depending on the technique of Angler, an alloy lure that a variety of actions and abundant fish species can be targetted.

Slow ~ Steady Retrieve ... Swim while swaying a little in the left and right, and at the moment of receiving water flow, generate unexpected balance breaking action, switch on fish.
High Speed ​​Retrieve ... Swim with high pitch rolling. Skipping panic action at top water.
Lift & Fall ... Irish Dirt Occurred by Lift in Jerk or Twitch, Hillahilla "Slow Fall" in Fall.
■ [Sea Bath] Slow ~ Steady Retrieve, Lift & Fall.
■ [Flounder · Magoshi · Root fish] Repetition of lifts and falls near the bottom.
■ [Tachioo] Throwing from Twitch - Steady Retrieve and Twitch · Jerk & Fall are effective, being conscious of the aerospace layer (range of flock).
■ [red sea bream] once thrown after taking a bottom ~ steady retrieve. Effectively by using hooks and worms for trailers.
■ [Shiira and migratory fish] We recommend high-speed retrieval and skipping panic action at the top, and flashy actions such as jerk and twitch.




Product Code -maetel21 / 35, /42



Maetel colour chart