Tournament Results

 This page lists all top 10 finishes as obtained by our talented squad of anglers



3rd Place for WA Field Staffers

WA Field Staffers Tim & Rod fishing under the team name Team Flow-Rite Engel take out 3rd spot in the WA Bream Classic Series held in Mandurah on the Murray and Serpentine Rivers.. Below is Tim's report of the event

"With temperatures in the high 30’s, a field of 42 teams we new it was going to be a challenging day. Getting to one of our planned area’s we noticed other boats already fishing the area but stuck to our plan of attack which was to fish the flats around boats and jetties.

I started off throwing Pontoon21 CrackJack 48 in a Deep Runner and Rod throwing soft plastic grubs, we were getting hits but nothing was hooking up. At this stage we decided to turn around and head back up the other side where the guys were catching fish previously. After trying a bit more in this arm of the canal we decided to make a move to one of the other arms where we had bagged out in a pre fish in a small stretch of water.

We knew that the flats held fish, it was just a matter of working the area and waiting for the bites to start. I switched to throwing the Pontoon21 CrackJack 38 Deep Runner. I found during pre fish that the smaller size lure with twitches worked well - it got the fish in to an attacking mode. We kept casting, cast after cast into the same stretch we knew held fish. After only a few twitches of this awesome lure: WACK zzzzzzzzzz & I was on. Got our first fish in the net and it was a cracker of a black bream in the mid 30’s. This fish was our first after being on the water for 3 hours. so we continued on, feeling more confident with each cast, especially when we could see the fish cruising the shallows. I kept throwing the Pontoon21 CrackJack 38 while Rod was throwing a mixture of soft plastic  Grubs. We’d drifted up a bit further, just waiting for the bite. This time it was Rod’s turn and he was rewarded with a cracker in the mid 30’s caught a grub.

There were only a few hours left to fill our bag limit. We were already half way there and knew “it only takes two more casts”. We had caught our bag limit in 20 minutes during pre fish so we knew the area was promising with nice looking flats met with man made structure. We worked to the plan with Rod sticking to the plastics mainly the motor oil grub) while I kept throwing a mixture of Pontoon21 48’s and 38’s. It wasn't long til I hooked up to another bream on the CrackJack 38. It was in the low 30’s but still a decent fish. Now all we needed was one more fish with roughly an hour to go. We came across a section of water where both Rod and I had caught decent fish in the past. I was flicking the CrackJack 38 & was just about to give up when I thought I would have one more go down beside a jetty with a moored boat. A few twitches later and we had our 4th fish in the net. As the day closed in we knew the bag we had would put us into a good position, considering we had only caught 6 to 7 Bream all day we were stoked with it.

We headed back to the weigh in with a bag of 2.810kg. Our biggest bream hit the scales at 930grams, just missing out on big bream prize. This bag saw Team Flow-Rite/Engel finish 3rd in the first round of the year & secured us a spot in the grand final at the end of the year. 

I would like to thank my sponsors Marine Warehouse, importers of Flow-Rite Livewell accessories; and Searing Tackle, Australian importers of quality lures Pontoon21, Damiki, Fish Arrow and Australian importers of Flying Fisherman sunglasses and apparel. Rod would also like to thank Richard from Engel Australia for all his support and also Searing Tackle. We both would also like to thank Ian and his team at The Western Australian Fishing Magazine for putting on such an awesome event and for getting great sponsors on board for this year.

Gear Used
Reels: Shimano Twin Power 1000’s
Braid: Sunline Super PE 6lb
Leader: Sunline Rock FC 4lb
Rods: Nordic Stage Areal Sharpshooter and Jaeger
Lures: Pontoon21 CrackJack 38’s and 48’s in deep runner, in various colours

Reels: Daiwa Luvias 2004
Braid: Sunline Castaway
Leader: VHard 5lb
Rods: Samurai and Duffrods
Lures: 2.5 inch Grubs, Damiki Shrimp in motor oil and oxblood, Crackjack 48,