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Hobie- BASS Australia Nation bass Kayak Series

Qld Field Staffer Jarryd Aleckson fished the Hobie- BASS Australia Nation bass Kayak Series and pulled off a 3rd place finish in extremely tough conditions. . Below is Jarryds report of the trip

"Hobie- BASS Australia Nation bass Kayak Series.

After the recent flooding, everyone knew it was going to be a tough days fishing. Quite a few people pre fished, and most of them got a dreaded donut.

We set off on Sunday morning in the Thick fog, my plan was to work my way down stream as I believed there would be a higher concentration of fish after the floods had come through and pushed them downstream towards the barrage.


 I fished slow and peppered every likely looking snag on the way, concentrating on getting my lure as close to the structure as possible, I was throwing a ½ oz Damiki Shortstrike spinnerbait in Purple Shad without a stinger, as I was throwing it very deep into the timber and didn’t want to get snagged. After a while and dozens of casts I pulled up to a snag and threw my lure amongst it, as I pulled it back out I got a hit, but it missed the hooks, I straight away put on a stinger hook, then cast back into the same spot. Sure enough that cast the feisty little bass smashed it and I was on the board.

After this fish it went quiet again, after about 2 hours without a hit, I decided to change tactics a bit, the fog had cleared and the sun was out. It was 10.30 and I needed another fish, I tied on a Damiki Ghost Shad 3.2” in Seal colour, Rigged on a 1/6oz jighead and attached a Fish Arrow J Spin in Silver.

First cast with the lure, I nailed the cast, into a shaded section of a piece of laydown timber coming into the water from the bank, 2 winds and the lure started to come straight back at me. Number 2 on the board.

I started to work my way back, trying a lot of different techniques on the way back but unfortunately I couldn’t find that 3rd fish to fill my bag. Lucky for me my 72cm back was enough to secure 3rd place and my first Podium in the Kayak series. "