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Jason Reid takes out Round 3 Southern Bream Series at Mallacoota

NSW Team Member Jason Reid recently fished the Round 3 of the Southern Bream Series in Mallacoota Victoria and pulled of a great victory. Here is his tournament report.

"We arrived at Mallacoota around 12pm and headed straight out for prefish, I hit the flats but no bream, could only find flathead but Simon and fellow Team Member Jonathan Chen found the bream.
I moved out into the deep around 4m to 6m, the fish where schooled up but again could only get flathead, I moved around but could not catch a bream so headed in with no idea what to do on the first day.

Day 1
I headed out to hit the flats knowing there were bream feeding but could not pick 1 up, I move out into the lake and kept fishing in 2-2.5 m of water. The fish were there and pick 1 up on a cranka sand crab 39.5 tip around 9am. I moved up to 8 foot bank and down to Goodwin sands and picked up another 39.5 to the tip at 11am, on a baby pink vibe. Then my sounder died, so I headed out to were I picked up my first fish and Jonathan Chen was there and help me out with depth and the fish were still there and I picked up my 3rd . At 12.30pm the wind picked right up so I called it a day and headed in.
Weighing in at 3 / 2.330kg.

Day 2
I was In two minds what to do, go down the front or back out into the lake but my sounder made my mind up for me it didn't want to work at all .
So I headed straight down the front and hit the flats, I change all my lure when I got there putting on the Pontoon 21 Crackerjack 48 bloody tiger prawnDamiki Dtsco 40 sleazy shrimp , saemi 50 sleazy shrimp.

I was fishing 2lb Straight threw on one rod and 4lb on the rest. I threw 4lb around and got nothing so I got the 2lb out with the crackerjack and straight into them 1/2/3 in the well by 7.30am and upgraded twice by 8.30am. I was only fishing in 1 foot of water with the tide running out i was throwing up onto the sand and bringing it back in and watching them hit the lure, it went quiet so changed the 3 lures on the 2lb for the rest of the day. I upgraded 6 times and had the best day ever fishing, I lost count of how many fish I caught over the day.
Headed back in and weighed in 1.890kg giving me 4.22kg for the weekend.

Big thanks to Jonathan Chen and Simon Morley for helping me out over the weekend.


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