Tournament Results

 This page lists all top 10 finishes as obtained by our talented squad of anglers



1st Place at WA Kayak Classic

The weekend saw round 3 of the WA Bream Classic Kayak Round 3 held in Mandurah. Folllowing a recent fish kill at the river, everyone was expecting tough conditions and they were not wrong. Searing Tackle team member, Jesse Choy used the most realistic soft plastics in the world take out not only the comp but also the biggest fish. Check out Jesses report of how it all went down..

"After fishing to the very last minute, getting in with two minutes to go before penalties, I was very ecstatic to walk away with my first Kayak Round 1st place, also with Big Bream for the comp with my big fish (turned out to be 38) weighing nearly a keg at .940 grams.. AKA.. One fat 38! With my 1st place and Massimo's 2nd place both weighing 1.630kg, the biggest fish settled the winner & it turned out that fatty did the job for me today!

With 30,000+ fish dead in recent weeks, it was expected by many competitors that the fishing would be very average today at Round 3 of the WA Bream Classics, hosted on the Murray River, Mandurah. Banks in certain stretches, holding upwards of 500 dead fish not so long ago, everywhere you could look & as thick as flies.

With a decent pre fish in various locations, it was decided that the smart decision was to go as far as I could, away from the people and the fish kill zone. I headed upstream from the launch location to some familiar stomping grounds up past Murray Bend, which was almost an hour straight peddle, then slogged it out until 11:00 where I'd only got a few bites and zips with naught to show as a result.

Just after 11, I nailed my first keeper on a 2" Fish Arrow Flash J Shad in Live Ayu / Silver, rigged on a 1/50 Hidden Weight jig head and about a 5m length of 3lb fluorocarbon. 3lb is pretty sketchy where I was fishing, but I knew the fish would much prefer a finesse approach at that time of day where they have regained their inhibitions after their waking feed.

With a mid 30's in the well, some restored confidence and some food in my stomach; i continued on. Around an hour later, I hooked a ripper fish deep within the timber on the same Flash J Shad. I knew it was a good fish, given the mid 30's in my well did not give me that much trouble & the way the fish sat deep in the water column; trying all the tricks to escape the frying pan. Buttocks were clenched as I attempted to extract it, with my 3lb leader being tested to the limits as the fish repeatedly headed for home under the nearby submerged tree where it came from. After a few minutes and a net job, a high 30s fish was in my net.

I fished on for the remaining time, missing a couple of fish, but I could not find my third and headed back to the weigh in with my two slabs. I was happy with what I had, considering the recent events on the river, but I wasn't totally confident that it would achieve me much result, let alone a first place.

It's said you've got to be in it to win it, so well done to everyone for competing, putting themselves out there despite the kill, getting involved and showing the community that the river still has fish in it. We as a whole have a lot of work to do in order to restore the river to its former glory, so hopefully today has highlighted to a few that all hope is not lost for the system & it gets the replenishment/conservation it deserves.

Thanks Muzza for turning it on yet again for 'the boys'!
Well done to Mass, I know how hard you work when you come out with me & it is a great effort on a hard day. Well done to all the other competitors, thanks also to series sponsors, WA Bream Classics & Searing Tackle also!"