Tournament Results

 This page lists all top 10 finishes as obtained by our talented squad of anglers



   2nd place Northern Bream Series

Following on from their 2nd place showing the previous weekend in the Gamakatsu Team Series, Team Members Khoi and Den back it up with a 2nd place in the Northern Bream Series held at Bribie Island.  Check out Khoi's report of how it all went down....

"Northern Bream Series today at one of our favourite arenas, Bribie Island. We were lucky enough to walk away second place with a 2.65kg bag, bridesmaids again but happy to see Paul Pollock and Steven Murphy win their first tournament!

With the weather being so calm Denis Metzdorf and I were expecting a tough days fishing but were able to put a bag together within an hour.

We made the run to the Port of Brisbane rockwall to start, and spot hopped our way back to Redcliffe slowly upgrading throughout the day but we just couldn't land any key fish.

We threw Pontoon 21 lures Australia crackjack 48s as well as Damiki Lures Australia 3" armour shads and the damiki walker today.

Big thank you to Scott Butler and Shari for running the Shari Walsh event today. Also Robert Searing from Searing Tackle cheers for the support mate.

Next event is in a couple weeks at Gold Coast, let's see if we can do one better Den!