Tournament Results

 This page lists all top 10 finishes as obtained by our talented squad of anglers



   2nd place for Alan at BASS Nation Event

Taking part in the BASS NATION AUSTRALIA Kayak Series event at Lake MacDonald in Queensland, Team Member Alan Britcliffe had a great weekend not only securing 2nd place but also getting the Big Bass for the event. Here is Alans report of how it all went down....

"Last weekend I packed the Hilux and headed 1hr North, to fish the Bass Australia Nation round 3 of the 2017 kayak bass series.
Friday prefish was simply miserable, the wind blew, the temperature dropped, it rained and I was cold.  Funny enough I didn’t feel much of any of that as the bass seemed hungry. 

Just before lunch on Friday I had a few fish in the livewell and had a plan ready for session 1 on Saturday morning. 

I had drawn position 2 for the first session and was on the pedals hard as my first spot was only 100 meters from the start line.  Put simply, I arrived at my first spot and on my second cast had a monster 1.81kg Lake MacDonald bass securely in the livewell, “how good was this?”. 

For the rest of the session I literally threw my arms off with lots of smaller fish landed, unfortunately that second legal fish eluded me.  This fish ended up being the tournament big bass, and was taken on a Greedy Guts 66  in Natural Yamame.

Session 2 I started position 3 and went straight to the “three ways” to throw blades over the open flats.  The second session is always the toughest and one that must produce to stay in contention on day 3.  Using the Damiki Vault 42 in Ayu, I managed to grind out a decent 2+kg bag that pushed me into second place over night.

Day 2, Session 3 and a full 1kg behind the overnight leader I didn’t muck around, I went straight back to the “three ways” and began using my trusty Vault 42 (fished on 6lb leader with small subtle hops) and managed to pick up another decent fish.  As fate would have it I copied my session 1 form and was unable to find that second fish for the full bag.  Fishing beside me all morning was the overnight leader who much to my surprise was unable to bag another fish, and as we headed back to the “weigh in” I knew it was going to be tight.

The “weigh in” saw me fall 110 grams short of the win, but in tough conditions I was really pleased with the outcome.  Bring on Moogerah in 3 weeks.