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    Team Pontoon 21 takes 1st place at Gamakatsu Team Series event

Team Pontoon 21 comprising of team members Khoi Pham and Denis Metzdorf produced the goods yet again to secure 1st  place at the 2017 Gamakatsu Team Series. Read below to see how they did it.

"Well what a rollercoaster day Denis Metzdorf and I had on the water for todays Gamakatsu Team Series at Bribie Island.

Conditions looked mint leading into this event but the with the weekend came the wind and boy did it blow. Steady 15-20 knot southerly did its best to blow every kind of weed you can imagine right onto the flat we wanted to fish.

The morning started great when i boated a 29 forker to get things underway then our day took a turn for the worse. 30 mins into the comp and we were beached as haha.

We spent the next two and a half hours sitting around twiddlying our thumbs waiting first for the tide to bottom out then turn and float us again.

The wind was actually a godsend as without it we would have cooked sitting there in the boat doing nothing.

Anyhoo, by 9:30am there was just enough water under us and we struggled for the next 30 mins pushing the boat across the sand flats (buy a bass boat they said).

We were fishing again by about 10am but the weed was insane with almost every cast getting caught up.

By 11am and with one fish in the well we knew the tide was getting right so headed for an old honey hole. First cast den pulled a tiddler out and we knew the fish had come on.

The next hour was red hot and we filled a bag, then upgraded it probably twice over to end up with a 33/33.5/34/35/37cm tip fish.

We filled a bag on P21 crackjack 38/48s (ghost gill and r60) then upgraded with the Damiki walker (devil shrimp/ghost smog) and dtscos (ghost gill) all rigged with decoys.

Back at the scales we managed 2.82kg and were lucky enough to take out the win.

Was great to see Matt-Karen Williams and Alan Britcliffe Fishing finish strong coming third, great result for the searing tackle teams.

Big thanks as always to Robert Searing and Denis Metzdorf for a day I'll never forget haha.

Thanks for reading!


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