Tournament Results

 This page lists all top 10 finishes as obtained by our talented squad of anglers




Jason Reid takes out Round 3 Southern Bream Series at Mallacoota

NSW Team Member Jason Reid recently fished the Round 3 of the Southern Bream Series in Mallacoota Victoria and pulled of a great victory. Here is his tournament report.

"We arrived at Mallacoota around 12pm and headed straight out for prefish, I hit the flats but no bream, could only find flathead but Simon and fellow Team Member Jonathan Chen found the bream.
I moved out into the deep around 4m to 6m, the fish where schooled up but again could only get flathead, I moved around but could not catch a bream so headed in with no idea what to do on the first day.

Hobie- BASS Australia Nation bass Kayak Series

Qld Field Staffer Jarryd Aleckson fished the Hobie- BASS Australia Nation bass Kayak Series and pulled off a 3rd place finish in extremely tough conditions. . Below is Jarryds report of the trip

"Hobie- BASS Australia Nation bass Kayak Series.

After the recent flooding, everyone knew it was going to be a tough days fishing. Quite a few people pre fished, and most of them got a dreaded donut.

We set off on Sunday morning in the Thick fog, my plan was to work my way down stream as I believed there would be a higher concentration of fish after the floods had come through and pushed them downstream towards the barrage.

Basin lure and fly Southern Bream Series

ACT Pro Staffer Jonathan Chen fished the Basin Lure & Fly Southern Bream Series kayak round and pulled off a credible 3rd place. Below is Jons report of the trip

My trip report from this weekend at the Southern bream series round held at Greenwell point on the Shoalhaven river. On Saturday I slowly packed the car and headed down to totally immersed water sports in Nowra. I got there just in time to pimp my Hobie pa 14 with a seadek in Camo blue.

Team Pontoon21/Chitora take out the WAFM Bream classic

The past weekend saw our WA Field Staffer Daniel Coughlan,  fishing under the banner Team Pontoon21/Chitora take out the WAFM Bream classic with his partner MAtt. Below is Dans account of the weekend

We woke early on Sunday morning to howling winds and horizontal rain and knew the days fishing was going to be a tough one. The start of the day saw us going straight to our pre fish spots but these locations produced everything but bream, I started with the 38mm Crackjack Deep Diver in Carmen red and DTSCO Crank in ghost red. With a few grunter and tarwhine on the board we decided to pull up the leccy and head to some man made structure as we couldn’t see any fish feeding in our usual spots.