Tournament Results

 This page lists all top 10 finishes as obtained by our talented squad of anglers




1st Place for Joe Franco

WA Field Staffer claims 1st Place in the Kayak section of the Southern Series. Here is his report of the event

"Arriving at the days launch location , I quickly got pleasantries out of the way and set the yak up and before I knew it, it was time to launch. The four boats set off minutes before the yaks all heading downstream. Most of the yaks headed upstream so I chose to follow the boats. As I passed by a boat both anglers were hooked up to rats which were plentiful, so a few hundred metres ahead I set my drift and first cast on the D grub it got whacked on the drop off, it felt fairly weighty so I took my time getting it up only to realise it was a flounder.... I put a few more casts into that bank before moving onto the first lot of flats.

Damiki & Fish Arrow help claim 1st place

Field staffer Tye Rowe entered the Second round of the WA southern series with high hopes for a win. It was a late comp starting at 12pm and finishing at 6pm with a slowly rising tide. With a field of 14 boats and a overlap of 8 kayak's fishing a separate competition.

Tye's report is as follows;

“my non boater Dan and I decided to take the risk and fish a river system which wouldn’t be as crowded as the other. We pulled up at the mouth of the river system in the deeper water and started fishing the channel as the tide rose over the flats, with in the first half an hour I had a legal fall to the new Fish Arrow Gillty blade in baby gill.


Victory at BASS GF for Jonathan Chen

Searing Tackle Field Staffer Jonathan Chen caps off a fine year by taking out the DAIWA HOBIE KAYAK BASS GRANDFINAL at TOONUMBAR Dam and securing a place on next years AFC series. Here is Jonathans take of the event

Day 1
Started with a shot gun start with 23 anglers lined up. I had plans to head to the large school of fish at the back of the lake but from kayaking at Clarrie Hall Dam on the Thursday and navigation day the Friday my legs were

  Michael Maas wins Round 19 at Ballina

Searing Tackle Field Staffer Michael Maas continued his fine form this year by sealing  first place at the Round 19 of the Daiwa Hobie® Kayak Bream Fishing Series at Ballina on the weekend. Here is his write up of the event and his tactics.

"After having only ever fished the Richmond River once before I decided to use the recent tactics I employed at Mooloolaba to come up with a plan to fish the Hobie Ballina round. Travelling up stream against the tide, I reached the main canals in the river after 45mins.