Tournament Results

 This page lists all top 10 finishes as obtained by our talented squad of anglers



Damiki & Pontoon 21 Combo take out 2nd Place

First round of the southern series had arrived, very excited and ready to go we were both rigged up with Damiki D grubs in our favorite colour Motor Oil Red. Along with that we had our other rods set up with our go to 'big fish lures' the slow sinking Bully Boos in metallic jungle perch and metallic stripes AYU.


 (Tye & Dans go to lures on comp day)


Denis Metzdorf takes out 3rd place at

Daiwa Hobie Redcliffe Worlds Qualifier


Facing extreme weather conditions, Field Staffer Denis pulled of a great 3rd place finish. Below is Denis take on the event.

"Preparing for this particular event is quite simple, a tray of Pontoon 21 Crack Jacks 48mm in both MR and DR a selection jigheads, I like to use 1/12th 1/0 mainly and a selection of 3 inch Damiki Armour Shads in various colours, they all work bounced on and off the reef edges.

Michael Maas takes 2nd Place at GCSFC - Dash 4 Cash

Field Staff Michael Maas and fishing partner Chris Maas pulled in a solid 3.74kilo bag at the gold coast for get 2nd place at the weekends Dash 4 Cash event. Below is Michaels take on the event.

"Here's a short insight to the tackle and tactics used in the recent Gold Coast Teams event where we placed 2nd weighing a good Gold Coast bag of 3.74kg. Running from the Southport Seaway we headed north to our local fishing waters of the Jumpinpin. We prefer to fish the nature structure in the deeper water when chasing bream in the winter months.

  After finding plenty of fish in our prefish weeks before the comp in water deeps ranging from 3 to 9 metres we decided this is the areas we would target on comp day.

Jason Reid takes 2nd Place at Georges River Event

Field Staffer Jason Reid took 2nd place honours at the Gamakatsu Hobie Series, Georges River event. Below is Jasons report of the event.

"I was one of 41 kayakers itching to hit  the Georges River and have a great day fishing for Bream. This is my home water and there are plenty of spots to hit around boats, pontoons, jetties, bridges, flats and oyster leases.