Pb's with Pontoon 21


The day was now getting old & we were fishing some deep edges on the way out of a small tidal creek for nil. I suggested that we try another arm of the channel, one that had seen some good fish taken by us last week. As we prepared to enter I noticed some flashes of silver over a deep flat. The tide was still good here also with the water lapping invitingly just off the high edges. I thought that the bream would be sitting under the edges for sure & it only took a few casts to have this belief confirmed.

      My Hervey Bay Experience

As i have done majority of fishing in the estuaries and in small creeks and dams me and 2 of my mates thought it was about time we broaden our options and put our skills to the test and give ourselves a go at targeting offshore fish so with a few months of planning and a bit of research on the internet we decided to head out and try Hervey bay.



The Gift

As the old saying goes, never look a gift horse in the mouth, which in this case came in the form of my partner saying, “Hey, why don’t you go down an see Charlie for the weekend”. With the weather looking favourable the pass was accepted and the plans were hatched.

We went out early Saturday morning knowing the wind could go either way on the predictions it had suggested on the back of a small degrading system from the few days prior. Having not been able to get some consistent time into the sea legs, I was feeling just a touch queasy on the way out and hoped for the wind to swing in our favour.

Wild River Sooty Grunter

The very first cast set the trend on what ended up being a great day down one of my favourite local Sooty Grunter rivers. “What do you think of the river?” I asked regular fishing mate and Searing Tackle Field Staffer Kyle Osmond.  “Bloody awesome,” he replied with a big smile on his face as he brought in a nice wild river Sooty.