The Twenty Pounder

On Saturday the 12th of April I had a trip I will never forget. I have been chasing big trout for several years now and in the past I have caught many fish ranging from small to around  5 Kg and had one larger specimen on only to lose it after a 20 minute fight. That day was when I set myself a goal to catch a Trout  20 Lb. Saturday was the culmination of all that hard work and many trips trying to work out how to do it.



Over the last month those that know me well would have noticed a few queenfish photos and videos popping up on my YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts lately! 

After some recent successful trips targeting these acrobatic sports fish you could definitely say I’ve caught the bug and have been making the most of targeting them whilst they are around in numbers.





I had already found this particular stretch of water on a previous trip although by the time I did find it that particular day it was time to turn around and head back home. That being said I had already landed a good number of JP and they were of decent size.

As I was driving home I was already checking the calendar to see when my next opportunity was to get up early and put in some big kilometers to get to that untouched paradise that these humble jungle perch call home.

Valentines Day Fish

I had a trip to the Great Lake today.

I was  on my way to Arthurs lake, where trout are plentiful, but small, when I decided to turn right instead of left and try my luck on the Great Lake, where fish are fewer, but mostly bigger.

Have only fished it twice before, and have never caught anything. I guess thats why I hadn't been back, but the rivers are fishing poorly this season.The lowland lakes are also hard going this time of year. Water is too warm and they are too weedy. They can be fished with flys, but the trout are sluggish.