Name: Bradley Cox
Occupation, Co-owner at Last Cast fishing tours

I grew up in a small Country town called Maldon, I lived on a farm there with my nan and pop. At a young age I had done a lot of fishing and hunting with my pop but at that stage other hobbies filled up alot of my younger years. My passion for lure fishing has really hit top gear over the last few years in particularly freshwater chasing trout and Redfin, more so Redfin.

I just cannot get enough of chasing big reddies, you could also say I do all my fishing landbasedas there is nothing better than being out walking the banks casting. Rain hail or shine I'm sure to be out there and amongst it.

I've currently just started up landbased guides with a good friend of mine so that we can share skills, techniques and the love and passion we have for fishing, and in the process hope to get others into some great catches Fisharrow, Pontoon 21, Damiki & Flying Fisherman are all top of the range products and would highly recommend it all.

My personal favourite is the 3" Flash J Shad Fish Arrows.  I'm a long time Fish Arrow fan and it has always made work easy tempting those cracking catches



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