Name:         Graeme Findlay

Location:     Victoria 

Occupation: Factory Worker 


Hi guys my names Graeme Findlay and I’m 23 years old!

My interest in fishing started when I was very young. My old man and his brothers are all avid fisherman, they have grown up fishing both freshwater and saltwater.  We used to fish freshwater more as a kid because we lived in the sticks and the freshwater fishing was always closer. 

In the last 18 months I have been dedicating nearly all my free time to fishing and traveling around to old and new spots trying my luck and teaching myself a lot more. I love fishing for Trout and Redfin, For me there is no better feeling then your lure or plastic getting smashed by a Trout or Reddy, both are very fun fish to catch and the places you get to travel to and catch these fish are always half the fun!

I’ve recently been stepping out of my comfort zone and targeting species I’ve never chased before. This has been tricky but rewarding, nothing better then being able to tick more species off the list.

My go to lures for freshwater fishing would have to be the Pontoon 21 Paco Spoon and the Pontoon 21 Cablista Hardbodys. I have had a lot of luck with these lures, catching probably 75% of all my fish on them.

I’m also love photography, so I’m always taking fish photos and landscape photos while I’m out and about. 




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