Name: Rod Shepherd

To begin with I am 47 years young and have been instilled with the passion to fish since I was ‘knee high to a grasshopper!’ My late father taught me well.
Fifteen years ago (after much perseverance) I turned my attention to fishing journalism and over that period of time I have managed to build up a reasonable and satisfying portfolio.
I write two columns and supply fishing articles on a regular basis to Provincial Fishing Magazines – South East & West Fishing and North East Angler.
These publications provide a coverage of all things fishy  from South Eastern South Australia to Southern New South Wales. These two mags certainly cover not only the coastal and estuary scene but everything in between.

Eighteen months ago I joined the Fishing Monthly group and supply Victoria & Tasmania Fishing monthly with two reports (fresh and estuary) plus specific articles.


Over the years I have supplied articles to other publications including the Australian Fishing Network (Freshwater and Saltwater Magazines); The Australian Anglers Association’s annual publication; NSW Fishing Monthly; Royal Auto Magazine (RACV); New Zealand Fishing News; Fish’n’Tackle Magazine (defunct); Victorian Fishing News (defunct); Tasmanian Fishing News; MO Tackle magazine & Sea Angler Magazine (UK).


For over five years I was a pro reporter for now sadly off the internet. I have done numerous guest appearances on radio and have worked at the Melbourne Boat Show & Fishing and 4wd Expo for quite some years when they were held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.
I currently supply four newspapers in Western Victoria with a weekly roundup called…. You guessed it, “Fishing ROD”!
I am proud and privileged to be a part of the Annual Cod Classic held every December at Lake Mulwala and have done so since 2003. This family orientated tournament now attracts in excess of 3000 competitors and shouldn’t be missed.


Sorry if this all sounds like I’m blowing my own trumpet but all I’m doing is putting the facts out there. Pure and simple.
I am privileged to live where I live as this area is surrounded by well stocked trophy trout lakes. Elingamite (also known for its huge redfin), Purrumbete, Bullen Merri and Tooliorook. Plus three excellent estuaries are only 30 minutes’ drive away. The Curdies, Hopkins and Gellibrand.


I have been lucky to have been given the chance to travel afar and chase species such as Barramundi in Far North Queensland; trout in New Zealand and the United Kingdom; trout and huge bream in Tasmania plus species such as Cod, Haddock, Red Gurnard and the prized Sea Bass in England.
Locally I also love getting out on the briny and fishing for species such as Snapper, King George Whiting and flathead.

But when you get down to it, I am a simple estuary angler first and foremost and I simply love to chase bream. Pound for pound one of the best fighting fish around.
Now what do I know about Searing Tackle? Presently very little but I’m learning as I go. I do possess several Damiki  blades and they have caught me bream but as for the rest of the range?  I will learn. I do know that quality lures and plastics will catch fish on a given day but to increase a given catch rate one needs to bring a little finessing into the equation. This I am prepared to do and frankly looking forward to the chance.