Name:Sven Bandura
Melbourne Victoria

I started at the age of 14 in Europe chasing trout zander pike and redfin then we moved to Australia and I got my self a part time job as a deckhand working on charter boats which helped me getting to know port Philip Bay which gave me a good indication of where to start.

Since then I have been fishing all over Australia for lots of different species.

At the end of 2011 I started getting into the bream fishing which I can not get enough from it is such a good feeling to be catching bream on soft and hard body lures.

From there on I started to fish the Vic Bream Classics with only a few lures so I could see what the other competitors use and grow my knowledge from there, the amount of little tricks you learn on these tournaments is just amazing.

Then I went out and got my self a hobie pa12 to enter the ABT  Hobie comps so I can enter tournaments and have the challenge of finding and catching the fish by myself. I try to take every opportunity to go for a fish, if it's for bream in estuaries or snapper and other species around the bay we will see what the future brings.

Favourite Lure:
Pontoon21 Crackjack 38mm in Green Tiger Prawn and Bloody Tiger Prawn

Damiki Air Craw


Tournament Results

Tournament results:
Vic Bream Classic Glenelg River 14th
Vic Bream Classic Hopkins River 32nd
Vic Bream Classic Grand Final Metung 13th
Daiwa Hobie Bream Qualifier  Mallacoota Inlet 25th