Name: Tom Shaw
Maryborough Vic
Train driver
I started fishing when i was 10 years old, my father teaching me the art of fly fishing from a young age. I used to follow him around small creeks chasing cunning little brown trout with the dry fly. it wasn't until i was around 16 that i started flicking lures for trout, Redfin and eventually started to lure fish for cod and yellowbelly.  Natives being my favorite fish to target, preferably off the surface.  I generally stick to fresh water but i am very keen to try my hand at the salt. most of my fishing is concentrated in central victoria, here i have a excellent selection of fresh water fish to target. everything from trout to Murray cod right at my door step. My all time favorite plastic is the damiki D grub which has accounted for many carp, redfin, trout, some monster yellowbelly and my PB silver perch.  This year i hope to target murray cod more frequently and with better success on soft plastics.


Chasing YellowBelly Perch with Flash J Shads

Chasing Trout with Crackjack 58mm