Name – Jesse Choy

Location – Lakelands, Western Australia

Fishing, for me, has always been a way to reduce life back to its most simple, therapeutic form; a way for me to pit myself against the unknown, against the natives hiding in the fallen encrusted trees & the blue water creatures which hold much mystery. Nothing to hold me back, but me.
I have fished for as long as I can remember going back to my first few years on this planet. Trips with the family always involved a few rods and I’ve always been hooked and drawn in at the thought of not knowing what could be on the end of the line next. Fishing for herring, Skippy, Salmon and various blue water species was how I got into this beautiful sport & it wasn’t until I was around 20 that fishing became less of a hobby and more of a future when I chose to try and learn as much as I could about the Black Bream and how to fool the blue nose brutes with artificials.
Small bags of bait turned to a huge lure collections and my dream became increasingly clearer each time I felt the euphoria of battling a fish. I spent & continue to spend just about every weekend on the water, from the 2:00AM starts, to the 12:00AM finishes, as long as the lightening is not present, you can bet I would be in/on/around the water and never get sick of it.
I purchased a Hobie Pro Angler 12 mid 2014, Since then it has seen trips from Albany in the states South West to Shark Bay in the North West covering the spectrum from blue to brackish water.  The thought of sharks when you're 15km out on a kayak with no sail or shark shield is all but forgotten when you weigh up the thrills & possibilities. Often you cannot believe some of the sights that you see in some of these oceans/rivers as well, as they are often that spectacular...
Late 2014 I tasted competition angling from a friends boat, since then I've been taking my Bream fishing and understanding to the next level; also applying these learned skills off shore. I've been helping the local university tag Black Bream for research in a bid to help keep our beloved species healthy and abundant. I've yielded some good results in my first year of tournament angling from boats & kayaks, helping me gain momentum and solidifying the fact that I really feel that this sport is where home is and I am determined to achieve more and more, the more I indulge.
I am determined to learn all the aspects of fishing, no matter how long it takes and also cannot wait to see what corners of the earth it will take me to and who I'll meet along the way.

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Comp Results


WA Bream Classics 2015 Round 1 Kayaks - #4th
WA Bream Classics 2015 Round 1 Boats – #4th  
WA Bream Classics (GO) 2015 Kayak Series Hobie Round 2 - #7th
WA Bream Classics 2015 Round 3 Boats – #1st
WA Bream Classics (GO) 2015 Kayak Series Hobie Round 5 - #7th.
WA Bream Classics 2015 GRAND FINAL Boats - #1st .
WA Bream Classics 2015 GRAND FINAL Kayaks - #2nd .