Name:            Brad Patman

Location:        Perth, Western Australia

Occupation:        Landscaping, Senior Supervisor

Background:    I have enjoyed fishing ever since I can remember.  I have very fond memories of family holidays that always included a spot of fishing, chasing the bread and butter species with Dad.  From my very first Bream in the Murchison River, in Kalbarri, it was always going to become a regular pastime. 

As I got older, my independence would see me spending long ours soaking baits for bream or that prized mulloway.  The all-nighters were not uncommon with close mates, chasing the elusive river kings.
It was in 2007 when my fishing hobby started to become more of an obsession.  Dedicating more time to finding those prize fish.  Whilst the elusive black bream dominated my target list, more opportunities to hit the inshore blue water were made with close friends investing in boats and adventuring out on charters.

By 2012, I was fishing exclusively with artificial lures and learning to use the lighter tackle options.  Later in the year a friend of mine lent me his kayak whilst he travelled over-seas.  The ability to get to the previously inaccessible areas was an instant advantage.  This is when I landed my first legal bream on artificials, whilst throwing hard-bodies deep in to the timber of the Canning River.  Little did I realise, this fish was to be my undoing!  Things escalated quickly and I found myself perched out on the yak every weekend looking for that Black Gold.

The start of 2014 saw me purchase my very own kayak, a second-hand Hobie Mirage Outback.  With the ability to peddle and fish at the same time, efficiency tripled, and the fish didn’t stand a chance!  Breaming the rivers, Inshore Pink Snapper, chasing the seasonal Salmon run and egging for squid in Cockburn Sound were and still are, regular missions.  During the 2015 season I took part in my first competitions, both social and tournament and produced some encouraging results.  This prompted my dedicated 2016 season to the Western Australian Bream Classics which was so much fun surrounded by great people and fantastic venues. 

I managed to place 3rd in the Swan River event, qualifying me for the Gf on the Kalgan River, Albany.  This two day event, on a river I had never fished, was a real learning curve, in which I was very lucky to place 5th for the GF and 7th in the AOY standings for the year.

I have been fishing with searing Tackle products since late 2015 with great results.  The 2” and 3” J shads performing above and beyond expectation, producing many good fish and amazing sessions with unseen and unstoppable blue nosed adversaries.  The P21 Crackjack and Greedy Guts have become the go-to for Hard-bodies, both slow rolled across the flats and cranked deep in the structure.

Favourite Lures:    Pontoon 21 Poco Perro 80
            Pontoon 21 Crackjack 38DR
            Pontoon 21 Greedy Guts 44SR
            Pontoon 21 Greedy Guts 55MDR
            Pontoon 21 Pillo 2.25”
            Fish Arrow J Shad 2” and 3”
            Fish Arrow J Grub 3” and 4.5”


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