Name:          Ethan Rowe

Location:     Albany, Western Australia 

Background: I have been fortunate enough to grow up in the small country town of Albany. Living on a farm and being with in a short drive of some of the best fishing in WA. My Dad taught me the building blocks of fishing, baiting for Herring and Salmon, then progressing to boat fishing. My older cousin Tye, a former member of the Searing Tackle team introduced me to lure fishing. I was hooked straight away. Each time he took me out, I learnt more and more. With that came results, these results fuelled my passion! As Tye had to leave Albany for work, I practised the skills he taught me and picked up a few of my own along the way, catching up for a flick with Tye is still my favourite thing. 

Favourite form of fishing: To say I have a favourite form of fishing or favourite fish to target would be impossible. I love anything that puts a bend in my rod, weather it be surface fishing for Bream, or jigging for Sampson fish and Dhufish. I must admit I do love trips up North, fishing around Exmouth & Karratha, catching those Northern reefys, I think it's just the diversity in species that you can catch that gets me exited!

What I get up to these days:   After school I pack my rod and a few of my favourite plastics and surface lures, throw them in the car, bush bash through to some untouched rivers were Bream have rarely seen people and are always keen to smash a lure. Any weekends we get some decent weather I head out on the boat chasing Dhufish and Sampson fish on jigs, with a bit of shark fishing on the beaches at night. 

Favourite lure: Definately, Flash j shads, in my view they are in a league of there own in the soft     plastic world.  My favourite jig has to be the Damiki Suplex, it's my go to jig when I want to put some Dhufish on ice 


Goals: 50cm Bream on surface, 15kg Dhufish on jig, 40kg Blue Groper (land based) 



Coming Soon