Biography: Like most people, fishing was introduced into my life through my family. I have been fishing ever since I could say "im on!" and that passion has grown and grown. I spent my childhood catching Herring, Skippy and Salmon with my Dad around the Cut and some other popular Mandurah fishing locations. As time grew on so did the species list. I got older and i started venturing out deeper with my Dad and brother. It wasn't until I was about 12 on a holiday up to Carnarvon when I discovered the world of lure fishing, predominantly soft plastics. A good friend of mine introduced me to this new style of fishing and taught me the tips and tricks to landing fish on these artificials. I was amazed at his technique, using light gear and pushing his gear to the limit to land some spectacular fish. I eventually started producing results catching a whole range of fish such as Dart, Trevally, Flathead and small Snappers. The passion grew, and so did the lure collection.

As I delved deeper into the lure fishing scene I started refining my techniques and I discovered the other side of lure fishing - Hardbodys.Using little lures like Damiki MU-SP 45 and Pontoon 21 Crackjack 38 SP SR I was catching a host of fish, such as big Flathead, Dart, Cods, Whiting, various Emperors and a range of other hard fighting fish! My knowledge grew bigger and better and I started to focus my attention on one fish in particular - The Bream. A fish that has taken the angling world by storm in these past 15-20 or so years, there wiley and unpredictable habits intrigued me. I tried a host of lures and was often left empty handed a lot of the time. Eventually though I did catch my first Bream, a 25cm Black Bream on a stickbait at a boat ramp. From that point on i have been targeting these amazing fish in my local estuarys and getting some good results. Plastics, vibes, cranks, surface, there are so many fun ways of catching this iconic sport fish!! These days i love flicking lures for Bream, Whiting, Mulloway and the usual suspects of the southern estuarys. I also really enjoy the bluewater, dropping jigs and big plastics over the side for big Snapper, Dhufish, Baldchin Groper, Spangled Emperor and whatever else jumps on my line! Heading north for bigger and nastier fish is also one of my favourite places to wet a line.

I have used the Searing Tackle range extensively through a lot of WA and push my lures to the max. I have the up-most confidence using these lures and have caught some cracking fish on them!! They have enhanced my catch rate ten fold and that rate is growing.

Favourite Fishing Moment: There are so many to choose from and each has their reasons why they are so special to me. But i would have to say that my favourite fishing experience would have to be Exmouth in 2011. Using 4lb Braid fishing the Marina rockwalls and pontoons i caught a heap of Queenfish, Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally, Bump nose Trevally, Barracuda, Cods, Threadfin Salmon, Bream and Spangled Emperor on Damiki F Grubs and Monster Mikis. I was completely under gunned in most circumstances and sometimes i lost good fish, but it was so fulfilling catching these amazing fish in such an amazing part of the world! Sometimes it was a fish a cast and the sheer amount of fish was insane.


Urban Breamin