Name: Tim Stuart
Age: 31
Location: Western Australia
Occupation: Retail Manager

I have been fishing ever since I can remember, I always used to pester my dad to take me out. I didn't really have a species of choice but I always enjoyed soaking a bait. It wasn't until I was around the age of 20 when I started to get into chasing bream. Mainly chasing Bream on the Flats on the Canning River in Perth, usually heading down after work for a few hours until it got dark. So the Bream scene is where I have really concentrated most of my fishing time and for roughly the last 5 years I have been fishing all of the WA Bream Classic rounds and most recently doing the WA ABT round for the last 3 years. It would be great one day to compete interstate and fish area's I haven't fished before.
I had the highlight last year 2012 of qualifying for the National Classic Grand Final on the Gold Coast with my fishing partner. It was an awesome feeling competing in this round as there were plenty of talented anglers out there, got to mix it with the best. It was also fun as we had never fished there before and I personally hadn't fished for Yellow Fin bream before. Being from WA the only bream I get to chase at the moment is the Blacks.

Favourite Lures
2.5" Monster Miki in Smoke Red, Ox Blood Red and Green Pumkin Red


Tournament Results

Tournament Results:
WA Bream Classics
Grand Final 2011 15th
National Classic Grand Final Gold Coast 2012 36th
Grand Final 2012 17th

7th Albany ABT 2011 Boater


Tournament Wrap ups

Walpole 2013

Rd 2 of the WA Bream Classics was held over the weekend of the 13th and 14th of May down in Walpole 415km south of Perth so roughly a 5hr drive with a boat. Day one started nice and early with me leaving home at around 4am for an arrival in Walpole roughly around 10ish, briefing was at 11am with start at 12pm. As I haven't really fished Walpole before I left it in the hands of my team mate. We headed of at 12pm and decided to stick to a plan of fishing a few spots in closeproximity. We landed our first fish within an hour and constantly landed fish for the next 3 hours with a legal coming roughly every hour. We got to the last hour and couldn't manage that 4th fish to complete our bag. So we headed back to the start line for check in and weigh in. We new we had done okay as not to many of the teams looked overly impressed. So we waited our turn and weighed in 3 reasonable sized Bream and to our surprise weighed 1.195kg which put us in 5th position for the day.

Knowing that day 2 was going to be even harder we decided to stick to a similar plan and hit the spots up first that we new held fish and in the last couple of hours shoot up a river and try and pull some bigger fish. So morning came and we stuck to the game plan. Headed out of the start at 7am and headed straight to our spot. Had a few hits early and landed a couple of smaller fish until around 830ish I landed our first legal for the day. I then thought all we need to do is catch at least 1 more and we would still be in a good position and go from there. Well it wasn't to be after numerous catches of fish around 22cm, 23cm, 24cm to the fork we couldn't land that fish 25cm to the fork for the rest of the morning as this session finished at 12pm. So off we headed back to the weigh in to discover day 2 was even worse than the first day. We weren't in any rush to weigh in our single fish but eventually did to discover that it was a massive 340gm at this time I didn't know what our total bag was but after a few calculations I new it was in the vicinity of 1.5kg. After everyone was weighed in Craig started of reading out the results from the top 10 starting with 10th position. After the first team score was revealed as 10th of 1.385kg I soon realised we had finished in the top 10, eventually it was revealed and we had finished 8th out of a field of 37. Link attached for the results below.

Rd 2 WA Classic Results

All of the fish I caught were either caught on the new Shrimp in a variety of colours and the Pontoon 21 CrackJack 38SP-DR in A02 Green Tiger Prawn.

So overall we were impressed and happy with our result considering neither of us had a good chance to pre-fish. So with Rd 2 of the classics being over I am now getting ready for the ABT qualifier in a few weeks to be held at the BlackwoodRiver 315kms south of Perth in Augusta. Looking forward to this round as I have had a chance to pre-fish and hopefully I can have a good personal round